finally a vampire movie

after the bitter taste that i got after seing “new moon” i started craving for some real vampire movie (not cliche vampire movie, but some innovative ideas)

i liked twilight because it gave me a strong story and broke a lot of the cliches used untill now. i never like the soap opera drama there with those extremlly long shots of the two lovers staring into one another’s eyes, or all the sweet talk there and i really wanted some more action in those few minutes of confrontation. but i really apreciated the innovative ideas there, all the small details about the vampire lives, all the torment of some of them and the shallowness of others (just like the humans they came from or they once were) … BUT…

new moon fails to deliver… there is no more surprise there, nothing unexpected, nothing that cannot be anticipated from looooong before and i think there are too many scenes that the movie could have done without. don’t get me wrong – i like the story and i bet the book it’s much better in delivering those feelings but the movie fails to explore them.

so, here is what i expect to be a REAL vampire movie and i am trully looking forward to it

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