AVATAR = blue Pocahontas ?

is it me or the story brings nothing new ? just a pretext for groundbreaking special effects… i thought movies are about something more. after seeing it and shaking off the huge effect of the images all i was left with was a story for kids. beautifully rendered, but still a story for kids.

after watching the golden globe awards i started feel even more frustrated because (even though i am no film critic) i don’t think that this movie deserved best movie award – a lot of cliches dumped, a lot of good actors with bad lines  (the ones that really stand out for me were the “bad general”‘s lines so poorly developed) and a very simplistic and easy to anticipate plot.

but then i calmed down and realised that the award is nothing else than a marketing tool.  another movie for the masses. don’t get me wrong, i watched it, i will watch it again probably and enjoy it… but i see it as a beautifully depicted simple story for children. i would even encourage people to see it just as i do with some cartoons… but even in that circumstance i think it’s lower than some disney’s.

once again i have been proven that an extraordinary packaging gives value to its poor content and some flaws that would have never passed the tests are overlooked because of that packaging. it is not rubbish, but time will tell the difference. it was the first of it’s kind, congrats to the team that made it.

but i can’t stop to wonder how it will be seen by those enthusiastics charmed by it’s looks when all this will be casual technique in the movie industry. i can’t blame them, it’s my job to look behind appearances and in the same time to create “envelopes” and maybe that’s why i am not fooled by all this and try to see what’s behind it, the content it’s what matters for me. i guess it’s hard to look at what’s inside in a world based so much on visual language.

1 Response to “AVATAR = blue Pocahontas ?”

  1. 1 Ryas
    January 27, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Watch Atlantis-the Lost Empire. It’s even more similar to Avatar than Pocahontas.

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