question(s) for a ‘tuesday the 13th’ kind of day

it’s so easy to quote, to speak with other people’s lines… to copy/paste the display of feelings and … hmmm… how can one cut the bullshit and see the real ? or is there any real to be seen ? or have one just becomed a jigsaw of what others show/express ?

in a hunt to be original (special, out of the crowd or just surprisingly “fresh”, to draw attention etc), every single last drop of personality is overcomed with what others say better – a line from a movie, a stand-up comedy, lyrics from a song or even just a headline.

why ? are we so ashamed with what we are so we seek refuge in what somebody else is saying ? or is just … lack of truth ? i am not really feeling that so how about i quote it so i look like i mean it ? or … how about u tell me ?

1 Response to “question(s) for a ‘tuesday the 13th’ kind of day”

  1. June 1, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    I think it’s just about the genious of some people (those who wrote the quotes/lyrics/lines), or our lack of it. It’s about finding it hard to express our feelings/meanings/sayings in the simple words that we use day by day.

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