about photography (and not only…)

1. You’re just as good as your imagination takes you.
2. Photography should be the last thing you’re studying.
3. Old school is the best school.
4. Your camera is nothing but a recorder of what you see and imagine.
5. Holding an SLR doesn’t make you a photographer; you’re just a monkey with an expensive clicker until you learn how to imagine.
6. Perfect practice makes perfect.
7. You can either keep on proving to your delusions that you’re right, or you could actually go out there and improve your work.
8. Sourgraping about somebody else’s work is admitting that yours ain’t as good.
9. Leaving it to “personal interpretation” to some extent is a sorry excuse for not doing your homework properly.
10. Thou shall not steal somebody else’s light.
11. Don’t take pictures; make images.
12. Imagination makes you reach for the stars, but it’s reality that keeps your feet on the ground.

(source: http://jaytablante.deviantart.com/journal/35202581/)


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