back in 2011

well, i am not a blogger; at least not in my acceptance of the word (i don’t write pages about different stuff in life and business). i like to share cool stuff that i find and occasionally say what inspired me in that.

anyway, this blog has done pretty well (surprisingly well i might say) – 4,500 distinct views in 2010. having that in mind, i decided to try and update more often my blog in the three most interesting categories : cool houses, my PhD research and movies.

today’s topic ?  movies

no, i am not gonna start doing criticism of movies, i am not qualified nor do i like to dissect a movie like that. i will give the movies that i see a rating (haven’t decided yet how) and i will say what it’s worth seeing in it and what  got on my nerves.

i saw 4 good movies in this holiday and some stuff

1. The Social Network – very cool.

likes: fast paced, snappy dialog, and great characters. besides, c’mon, it’s the story of facebook. loved and hated the main character and that’s the great thing about it.  cool soundtrack

i later found out that the twin brothers are played by the same actor (wow, good job)


2. the black swan – intense

likes: a very powerful movie, amazing performance from natalie portman. it’s not a soft movie, it’s not a girl movie; it’s a thriller and a strong one.


3. true grit – good western

likes:  good performances, story and images.

dislikes: language – i felt i was in a shakespearean play (better have subtitles for this one)


4. tron legacy – meh

likes: special effects and the soundtrack (daft punk did it). whoever did the art direction here deserves applause

dislikes: after the first 15-25 minutes it gets booooooring.


5. Tangled – walt disney fun

likes: a very funny horse, and a frying pan put to good use

dislikes: not a very strong villain (i miss jaffar, or hades)








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