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new york times: the next big idea in humanities is data

new york times: the next big idea in humanities is data.

“A history of the humanities in the 20th century could be chronicled in “isms” — formalism, Freudianism, structuralism, postcolonialism — grand intellectual cathedrals from which assorted interpretations of literature, politics and culture spread.

The next big idea in language, history and the arts? Data.

Members of a new generation of digitally savvy humanists argue it is time to stop looking for inspiration in the next political or philosophical “ism” and start exploring how technology is changing our understanding of the liberal arts. This latest frontier is about method, they say, using powerful technologies and vast stores of digitized materials that previous humanities scholars did not have.”


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complexity ? neah, it’s simplicity on the other side

a very short (3 min) insight about complexity, and how it can lead to simplicity


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very nice ideas about how media can be … less intrusive and rude

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