cool house #26 – interiors

Modern Farmhouse by Kelly Deck Design, Vancouver | DesignRulz.

location: Vancouver

interior designer: Kelly Deck Design

reason for coolness: i love every single detail, texture and color, plus the overall feeling of it. Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-1 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-2 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-4 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-5 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-6 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-7 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-8 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-9 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-10 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-11 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-12 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-14 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-15 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-16 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-17 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-18 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-19 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-20 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-21 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-22 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-23 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-24 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-25 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-26 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-27 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-28 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-29 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-30 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-31 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-32 Ripple-Road-by-Kelly-Deck-Design-designrulz-34


cool house #25

location: Lisbon, Portugal

architects:  Luís Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade & Manuel Cachão Tojal

reason for coolness: vertical garden, pool on the roof, all in a very narrow house


dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_ss dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_17 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_16 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_15 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_14 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_13_1000 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_12 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_10sq dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_9sq dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_8 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_7 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_6 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_5 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_4 dezeen_House-in-Travessa-do-Patrocinio-by-Luis-Rebelo-de-Andrade_2source: Dezeen


trailers #4/2013

since the TV shows are getting better and better and because some great ones have ended (breaking bad, dexter …), I give something to look forward to.

1. TRUE DETECTIVE by HBO – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2356777/?ref_=nv_sr_1

this really made me looking forward to january (and because it’s made by hbo, it’s gonna be quite … explicit)


2. LOW WINTER SUN by AMC (you know, the folks that gave us the walking dead and breaking bad) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2314792/?ref_=nv_sr_1


3. HOUSE OF CARDS by NETFLIX (yes, it’s the online network and it all episodes were released at once) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1856010/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

this is for the first season – who won 3 emmys … can’t wait for season two


4. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK by NETFLIX http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2372162/?ref_=nv_sr_1


5. SHERLOCK (season 3) by BBC http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1475582/

after a long break (due to both actors being in major movies) sherlock holmes is back!


6.MASTERS OF SEX by SHOWTIME http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2137109/




trailers #3/2013

once again, I’m posting promos for TV series. this is what this fall is bringing.

1. Crazy Ones

not really a promo, a ‘behind the scene’ clip but got me really excited about it

2. Intelligence

could be nice, reminds me a little of Nikita (the original La Femme Nikita)

3. Homeland

YES! It’s back for season 3, one of the best TV series I’ve seen in a long time.

4. Hostages

I love Dylan McDermott and the way he plays his characters (I really loved him in American Horror Story) and I hope I will get to see him in the next installment of that disturbing show, but until then…


inspiration for my next project

working on the interior design for my new office space, with an extremely low budget AST-77-Office-Apartment-Tienen gt_080910_08-940x626 v307946_958_480_450-2 head_pic02 1211-768x1024 Muriel Bardinet 9 web salle-de-bain-tadelakt-1 crouch-end4 Telescopica_1


trailers #2/2013

actually these are series promos. some upcoming tv series that might be interesting or just summer guilty pleasures

1. the tomorrow people

for x-men fans, here’s something quite similar


2. the originals

the vampire diaries spin-off

i’m a fan of klaus (and the british actor that portraits him) and i admit this is one of my guilty pleasures


3. hannibal

this has already started but it’s very, very good


4. da vinci’s demons

looking very stylized and … resembling a fantasy graphic novel


5. in the flesh

interesting BBC original series (got me very curious)


6. graceland

seems alright, got a small amount of my attention


7. agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

because the Avengers struck gold, they are milking every angle – like this one. nonetheless, could be interesting


8. ironside

nothing like a cop with attitude… good ol’ fashion police investigation series


9. almost human

buddy cop, or better yet a cop and a funny android … seems like fun



cool house #24

location: Sydney

status: for sale , source: design to inspire

reason for coolness: i would really like to live there

image5.jpgJohnston Lane Annandale image6Johnston Lane Annandale image7.jpgJohnston Lane Annandale image8Johnston Lane Annandale
mainJohnston Lane Annandale image2Johnston Lane Annandale image3Johnston Lane Annandale image4Johnston Lane Annandale

floorplan1Johnston Lane Annandale

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